Avian Hazard Advisory System


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AHAS Web Page Update (Last updated: 10 April 2023)
AHAS Validation Presentation (Last updated: 29 July 2022)
AHAS Training Briefing (Last updated: 16 April 2024)
AHAS Training Briefing 109 AW (Last updated: 02 Mar 2021)
AHAS MAP(BAM) Tutorial (Last updated: 26 Feb 2010)
Alaska Training Briefing (Last updated: 8 June 2009)
Article USAF AMC Forum Dover MERLIN Bird Radar System Dec 2008
Google Earth policy memo (July 2008)
Article: Air Force News Dover AFB Bird Radar Nov 2006
Article: Bird Detection Radar Development from Dare County to the Cape - USAF Flying Safety Magazine Oct 2006
Article: NASA Bye Bye Birdies June 2006
Paper: Managing Birdstrike Risk with Information Technologies 2005
Article: Managing Bird Strike Risk With AHAS - USAF Flying Safety Magazine Sep 2002
Article: BASH Primer What is Your Birdstrike Risk - USAF Flying Safety Magazine Apr 2001
Article: AHAS Update - USAF Flying Safety Magazine 2000
Article: The Avian Hazard Advisory System USAF Flying Safety Magazine 1999
Paper The Avian Hazard Advisory System Birdstrike USA-CAnada 1999

Google Earth Downloads:

Google Earth BAM images(Last updated: 24 July 2009)
Flying Areas(IR,VR,SR,Ranges,Moas,Airfields)(Last updated: 18 Aug 2009)
Sectional Maps(Last updated: 26 Aug 2009)

warning !

The Avian Hazard Advisory System (AHAS) was constructed with the best available geospatial bird data to reduce the risk of bird collisions with aircraft. Its use for flight planning can reduce the likelihood of a bird collision but will not eliminate the risk. The AHAS organizations are not liable for losses incurred as a result of bird strikes.