Avian Hazard Advisory System

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Avian Hazard Advisory System

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Since 1995 there have been over 69,000 wildlife-aircraft strikes recorded by the United States Air Force (USAF) that killed 23 aviators, destroyed 12 aircraft, and caused more than $400 million dollars worth of equipment damage.

The United States Avian Hazard Advisory System (USAHAS) program objective was to develop a predictive Avian Hazard Advisory System using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology as a key tool for analysis and correlation of bird habitat, migration, and breeding characteristics, combined with key environmental, and man-made geospatial data.

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The Avian Hazard Advisory System (AHAS) was constructed with the best available geospatial bird data to reduce the risk of bird collisions with aircraft. Its use for flight planning can reduce the likelihood of a bird collision but will not eliminate the risk. The AHAS organizations are not liable for losses incurred as a result of bird strikes.